Featured Quilter

2013 Featured Quilter, Norma Devous

2013 Featured Quilter, Norma Devous

We are delighted to have Norma Devous as our featured quilter for 2013. Her quilts and quilting are beautiful. Norma has lived in Star for four years, she started quilting about 15 years ago. We asked Norma a few questions:

1.   Why do you quilt?

 I quilt because I love designing and working with color.

2.   What is your favorite quilting tip?

Color plays the most important role in making a quilt visually dynamic. No matter what color you choose for your quilt, lights, medium and darks, their placements are      very important to make your pattern zing! Contrast depends on the color next to it. Use a viewfinder or camera lens to check your color values often when choosing your color palette for your quilt. 

3.   Do you sew other things?

 Only if I want to torture myself!!!

Stop by our display of Norma’s Quilts and get to know her better.